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by Lek on Oct 28, 2012

ครูให้แต่งนิทานไปส่ง  ครูยังไ่ม่ได้ตรวจวิธีเขียนเลย  แต่เห็นลูกเขียนได้ แม่ก้อปลื้มแล้ว  เขียนอยู่ห้าวันกว่าจะเสร็จ  เพราะเป็นเด็กไม่ชอบเขียนเลย

A Chicken Leg Came Alive
       One day in summer in a town there was a science lab, there was a scientist that wished to be a teacher in a University. He had just created a chemical that makes things come to life. He dropped some of it on a tissue paper, then that piece of paper came to life!!! So he tried it on piece of chicken leg and it also come to life then it runs away! After that he tried it on a bomb that he just creates before. After 5 seconds it’s gone and leaving an explosion behind that destroy the whole town but the living chicken leg already gone running away.
In space a UFO with a drunken alien, Pigree, he was as green as a slime he was a zombie, bouncing around his UFO until it crashes on earth, after a while he know that he crash on some planet in a forest. He tried to find the way out for 5days! He ate pigs, rabbits and fruits in that time he was lost in the middle of a jungle.
        Chicken Leg was really sad that the scientist who creates him was dead with the tissue paper burned in to dark black, then he decides to build a grave for the scientist in the totally destroyed town, he gathered resource from the town left over bricks and glass. Meanwhile in the edge of the forest, Pigree was there staring at the glass and bricks to fix his UFO.
Pigree sneak in and stole some resources then he bounce away as fast as he could, but a brick hit his head very hard, Chicken Leg threw another brick that almost kills Pigree and after a long time of chasing he got away.
In another city Chicken Leg moved in, a police officer ask Chicken Leg to join him to join the police Chicken Leg agreed with it because he wanted to put Pigree in jail he is very annoying.
After a while Pigree has been on a wanted poster because he stole things, just to fix his broken UFO he tried to follow Chicken Leg around and stole things from all over the city glass, bricks, metal sheets, light bulbs and foods.
Chicken Leg got an idea to catch Pigree while waiting a bus to go home, that whole night Chicken Leg set up a trap for Pigree. Next morning he made up a plan, first he find Pigree and chases him, then he lure Pigree in to the mousetrap that he made last night so Pigree had been caught by Chicken Leg. Pigree tried to explain why he stole things from everywhere so Chicken Leg put that trap with Pigree in it in a canon and blast him off, back in to space.
        Now Pigree is in space he’s just floating around and somehow he heard a loud noise it was a police UFO! And again he got put in jail.


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