Road Trip to Khon Kaen
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First road trip to North East of Thailand.
Last Sunday 28 of June 2020, my family went on a road trip, first we went to khon Kean then we went to the dinosour muesuem but it was close due to covid 19 and then we went to a resturuant, I had order Steak,  and it was good then we went to a resort to rest. The resort call Baan Home, they had a 90s gas station and a collection of coca cola, this resort is kind of Eco farm they also have the small house for store the rice from the old day as well.  We had dinner at the resturant in the resort, we had soup and fried fish it was delicious.Then the next morning before we went back to our house we went to the place that my grandpa and my Mom go for reset the bone structure. After that we have stop at the Lampaw dam at Kalasin province but there is no water . After the dam we stop at the most famous temple call Khan Kean, this place has the buddhis gods bone which everyone respect of it.  after that we stop at the restaurant, all of us were very hungry as  we only have a small breakfast, I have order the pork rib BBQ, then Mom order many dishes, after pork rib I order Oreo Milk shake it was very good. then went back home, we pass the most beautiful bridge call the Hauy Tong, this is the one that dangerus, they had big accident that the bus falling down to the hill and all the passenger was dead(more than 60 people).
We arrive home at 8 pm.
I feel very good and enjoy this very much as I don't have a good meal like this trip for a long time since we move from Koh Samui.